IGW Heat Exchanger

Get an initial overview of our products and our technology. Customized and powerful, we develop the most appropriate machine equipment for you, entirely according to your needs.

Service Center

A clean heat exchanger is an efficient heat exchanger, and knowledge transfer reduces your costs. You can trust our expertise to get the maximum possible performance and running time from your heat exchanger.

Spare Parts

Guarantee: You won't find a quicker or a more convenient way to get the right spare parts. Besides a wide selection of gaskets and bolts, you can get the necessary front end stationary heads, replacement tube bundles, and shells here.

Service is a top priority for us!We´ll straighten things out for you!

Service is a top priority for us!

We´ll straighten things out for you!

We stand apart, with a combination that works!

With our unique selling proposition - Engineering and Equipment Design - we are among the very few companies in the pressure vessel market in entire Europe, which has an in-house department dedicated to engineering and construction.
So, with us you get everything from a single source. Right from planning to implementation, up to production and a comprehensive service. Every day, tube bundle heat exchangers are designed, individually and most efficiently, to the needs of customers. Long lasting and top-quality products are manufactured.

The value we create is our prized asset, as hardly any components need to be additionally purchased. With our well-developed network with various inspection agencies for technical safety checks, we round off our broad-based quality management system with approvals for the most diverse countries. The specific requirements and wishes of customers are fulfilled here quickly and without any great deal of administrative efforts.

Thanks to our own design program, our customers can also be pleased about the cost savings, without engaging expensive engineering firms. Above all these are our experienced, motivated employees, and of course, all Made in Germany!

An important milestone achieved - the largest contract in the history of the company IGEFA WEINBRENNER was successfully delivered! How we moved full steam ahead, in sunshine and icy temperatures, to pull off a mammoth project.

  • We'll do it! - Just give us a call.

    • Spare parts service
    • Commissioning
    • Installation and incorporation
    • Gasket replacement
    • Manufacturer inspection
    • MRO/maintenance work
    • Periodic inspections (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health - BetrSichV)
    • Revision work
    • Cleaning work
  • Maximum safety and constant output

    • Extension of the warranty period, e.g. from 2 to 4 years
    • Safety-related assessment of the pressure vessel and determination of the statuory inspection intervals as per the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)
    • Automatic appointment scheduling for statutory inspection intervals
    • Setting up a pressure vessel inspection log book
    • Instructing the operator and the maintenance personnel
    • Preventative consultation and product-related engineering




  • Profitable performance enhancement in existing systems

    • Improvement and optimization of existing performance data
    • Fundamental redesign
    • Process-oriented and value-adding revitalization
    • Fundamental parameter orientation favoring cost, time and quality indicators
    • Expansion of heating capacity, e.g. by replacing or modifying the existing tube bundle
    • Process evaluation of inefficiency for deficient performance
We make Heat Exchangers...

...and with our 60 years of experience, we are among the leading
heat exchanger specialists around the world. Efficient design,
precise construction and a high level of vertical integration
enhance our profile. Rounded off with a first-class customer
service, our compact heat exchanger solutions are shipped
worldwide, winning over customers with our bundled

Our core competencies: Engineering, Design, Manufacturing,
QM-Systems and Service.

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